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We have just released view3dscene 3.16.1. This is a bugfix release for an important bug that slipped in view3dscene 3.16.0 (most files using the IMPORT keyword failed to load with “Invalid type cast” message).

view3dscene is our open-source cross-platform X3D and VRML browser (and a viewer for other 3D formats). It is quite powerful tool on it’s own, to inspect 3D models in various formats — it can play animations, you can work in 3D worlds with collisions and gravity, it can play X3D scripts and more:)

All the comments are welcome, as always!

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  1. Dear Michalis,

    Is there any way to convert simple CAD engine using View3dscene to use in Free Pascal/Lazarus Apps?
    I mean if it can play animation or work in 3d, maybe you could make CAD-Engine for FP/Lazarus extension too.
    I am new in 3D-Editor but i want to use it.

    1. Hi,

      The Castle Game Engine is exactly that engine:) If you have a 3D file with an animation that plays in view3dscene, then you can trivially load and render it in Pascal (on a Lazarus form, or in our custom window TCastleWindow).

      Get our engine from , and follow the documentation on . Very early we show how to load a 3D scene: .

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