Engine improvements: Rejuvenated PlayAnimation method (easily play animations backward, with blending, stop notifications…)

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"The Unholy Society" NPC (and enemy), animated with PlayAnimation
PlayAnimation demo with animation blending
view3dscene controllig animation forward/backward

I have a large backlog of new Castle Game Engine improvements to announce 🙂 Let me try to make it up, by making a new announcement more-or-less daily for the following week. Remember that everything I describe is available to you right now: simply use the Castle Game Engine version from GitHub (6.5).

  1. We start with the improvements to our PlayAnimation method. It is the primary way to run animations using Castle Game Engine (documented in the manual).

    • New overloaded PlayAnimation version with TPlayAnimationParameters, that allows to specify:
    • New overloaded PlayAnimation(AnimationName: string, Loop: boolean) version. This replaces (deprecates) older overload with "Looping: TPlayAnimationLooping" parameter — the TPlayAnimationLooping did not really prove to be of much use, so it’s simpler to just specify Loop as a boolean.

  2. I have also written a large documentation “How to animate things using X3D”. This may be useful for developers that want to understand how the X3D nodes are used for animations. The PlayAnimation method, under the hood, uses the X3D nodes.

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Connect4 – new Android game using Castle Game Engine

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Connect4 screenshot

We’re proud to present Connect4, a free game for Android published by Benedikt Magnus and LanIstAn today!

The game is using Castle Game Engine, with our 2D user-interface rendering, and includes music, localization (English, Polish, German, Spain), and networking support. You can plan against a computer, or against a friend over the network. I believe this is the first game with networked play done using CGE.

I really like this part of developing Castle Game Engine — seeing how others are using it to create the coolest things. Congratulations and thank you!

We also have a ton of new features added to Castle Game Engine lately. In particular, thanks to Benedikt Magnus we now have:

Thousand thanks!

And I’ll be posting more about the new CGE features later.

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Castle Game Engine is now Embarcadero Technology Partner

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Chinchilla model in X3D, based on high-poly version in "Big Buck Bunny"

We are now officially Embarcadero Technology Partner!

What this means, in simple terms, is that Michalis has full access to the latest Delphi version, with all the Delphi platforms (including Android and iOS), for free.

This should be great news for everyone waiting on Castle Game Engine + Delphi compatibility:) We have no more excuses now, Castle Game Engine will have to work perfectly with Delphi!

Thanks go to Embarcadero, and in particular Jim McKeeth, for making this possible.

(P.S. I curse myself for making this announcement on the one day of the year when everyone else is making jokes 🙂 Yes, this is very real, and is happening! Our supported compilers and IDEs page is already updated about it.)

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