Engine improvements: CommonSurfaceShader with shadow maps fix, demo of mouse picking 3D/2D objects, view3dscene without console

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  1. We added a simple demo how to detect which scene (TCastleScene) was clicked with the mouse: https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-engine/blob/master/examples/3d_rendering_processing/detect_scene_clicks.lpr .

  2. The behavior of shadow maps when combined with CommonSurfaceShader is now correct. Testcase: https://github.com/castle-engine/demo-models/blob/master/shadow_maps/primitives_with_commonsurfaceshader.x3dv

  3. view3dscene no longer uses console for various messages. Instead we display our own message box, with contents that can be copied to clipboard with Ctrl+C. This makes it more comfortable to use as a normal GUI program, in particular on Windows. Remember that you can always download the latest view3dscene snapshots from here. (Or you can compile view3dscene from source, of course.)

  4. Our website supports now IPV6, HTTP/2, has better redirects (from www domain to non-www), and is HTTPS-only (non-secure HTTP merely redirects to HTTPS, and we use HSTS). Thanks to Raul Tambre for suggesting and testing these improvements!

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