Andrzej Kilijański joins the development of Castle Game Engine

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I want to announce, with great excitement, that Andrzej Kilijański joined the development of Castle Game Engine as his part-time job since this October!

You already know Andrzej (and3md on Discord) 🙂 He wrote a number of articles about CGE, and provided many PRs focusing on physics (like settings, triggers, OnCollisionEnter, GetCollidingTransforms), mobile (like time, ASTC compression, admob updates) music (streaming!) and more. So I’m absolutely certain of his experience and dedication for our engine.

As I want our engine to grow, I decided we need to invest. Thanks to this, Andrzej will now be able to spend serious time developing CGE, and we will proceed to develop the engine at unparalled speed 🙂

I want to thank all our Patreon supporters at this point. The money you put in our project is making a serious difference. Please support the engine on Patreon if you like the engine!

Oh, and the tasks we do and their order are public on CGE Trello. That is the place where we coordinate work, and everyone is welcome to join.

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