Updated online conversion tool to X3D (from glTF, Spine, Collada, others)

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Our online conversion tool was updated to include all the latest improvements done in Castle Game Engine in the last months.

In particular, you can now use it to convert glTF 2.0 files to X3D (in classic or XML encoding) and the output will automatically use X3D PhysicalMaterial nodes to express glTF PBR materials.

In general our approach to convert glTF -> X3D is documented here. So if you’re unsure how given glTF construction is translated to X3D, this page probably has an answer 🙂

You can open the resulting X3D files in view3dscene or any other engine tool.

Reminder: you can also use view3dscene to do the same conversion (interactively or in batch mode). Use “File -> Save As X3D…” menu item, or command-line as documented here. We provide the online tool just as a convenience for people who don’t want to install view3dscene.

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