“Escape from the Universe” has been released in Japan for Nintendo Switch

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Escape from the Universe - one of possible ending screens in Japanese

Escape from the Universe is now available in Japan for Nintendo Switch!

This is a Japanese version of our English (for Americas and Europe) version.

As some of you know, I’m wearing two hats — I’m the author of Castle Game Engine and I’m the CTO of Cat-astrophe Games, an indie game company where we plan to achieve great things with our technical skills, and also cats. Escape from the Universe was developed by Cat-astrophe Games some time ago, ported to Nintendo Switch, and now it has been translated to Japanese — all 100% in Castle Game Engine! The Japanese localization and a ton of testing was done by Worker Bee Inc.

The whole approach to localization is 100% open-source and part of CGE: see the manual section Localization (translation) using CastleLocalizationGetText. I hope this shows that our localization support is fully capable of handling a large, professional project, done in cooperation by 2 companies.

If you have Nintendo Switch, you have now no excuse not to play this game 🙂

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