Raspberry Pi – binary builds, ready for download

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CGE on Raspberry Pi

You can now download Castle Game Engine for Raspberry Pi from our main page.

These are ready builds, with the editor, build tool, view3dscene already precompiled, so just download them and run bin/castle-editor and use CGE on your Raspberry Pi. Technically, they are just Linux/Arm builds, and will work on any Linux/Arm system — we simply call them “Raspberry Pi builds” as that is how most people will probably view them.

They are being compiled with the latest stable FPC (3.2.0) and Lazarus (2.0.10). You can however use them with any FPC and Lazarus versions supported by CGE.

  • In particular, FPC that is included in current Raspberry Pi OS packages (3.0.4) works without any issues, so you can just do sudo apt install fpc and you’re good to go, CGE will work with it.
  • You can also install Lazarus (like sudo apt install lazarus-ide) although you can use other editors to edit CGE applications too.

  • All “normal” ways to install FPC/Lazarus on Raspberry Pi work. E.g. you can use fpcupdeluxe if you want FPC/Lazarus versions newer than the Debian packages.

The builds include latest CGE 6.5, automatically updated after every commit. We use a Raspberry Pi hosted by Mythic Beasts as a Jenkins slave (see about our Jenkins).

In time we’ll provide Linux/Aarch64(Arm64) precompiled builds too.

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