Interactive example showing our collision routines, various engine and editor improvements

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collisions example screenshot
collisions example screenshot - sphere collision
  1. I made a nice new example to demonstrate our collision checking routines examples/3d_rendering_processing/collisions:

  2. Sphere collisions are now more precise (at least when uniform scaling is used for transformations),

  3. TCastleTransform.CollisionSphereRadius is visible in the editor,

  4. Added various properties to Basic tab on editor,

  5. Nicer editor behavior when toggling TCastleViewport.AutoCamera (or changing MainScene when AutoCamera=true), it will now immediately update the camera,

  6. Fix editor main window hiding on Windows,

  7. Fix editor crash when toggling multiple components property at once (remember: you can select multiple objects with Ctrl in the hierarchy),

  8. Improved shadow maps cooperation with X3D 4 nodes.

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