Demo of showing loading progress, WaitForRenderAndCall utility, new TCastleTouchNavigation

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zombie_fighter demo - loading
zombie_fighter demo
zombie_fighter demo
  1. We have new TUIState.WaitForRenderAndCall utility, especially useful to implement loading inside TUIState descendant.

  2. Our examples/user_interface/zombie_fighter features now a demo showing loading progress (as a descendant of TUIState, which is our advised approach for loading screens now).

  3. Whole examples/user_interface/zombie_fighter was remade to use editor.

  4. We have a new UI control, available from code and in editor: TCastleTouchNavigation.

    This shows controls that you can drag to navigate within a viewport. Thus it allows navigation in a TCastleViewport on touch devices. It is a “reboot” of previous TCastleWindowTouch use-case, now expressed as UI control that can have any size, can be attached to any viewport, and in general is consistent with the rest of CGE.

    In a typical usage scenario, you just add it as a child of TCastleViewport, set FullSize=true, set Viewport to the parent. Then control the touch interface. It is easiest to call MyTouchNavigation.AutoTouchInterface := true to let it be automatically assigned. Set MyTouchNavigation.AutoTouchInterface := ApplicationProperties.TouchDevice to let it be automatically assigned, but only on touch devices (that do not have regular keyboard / mouse).

    See TCastleTouchNavigation API docs for more info. An example is in examples/mobile/simple_3d_demo.

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