Various improvements (2D navigation, PhysicsRayCast, examples upgrades, important bugfixes)

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2D Navigation
  1. The navigation in 2D viewports (with orthographic projection and standard direction/up: -Z/+Y) is now much better. We have a new algorithm TCastleExamineNavigation.ExactMovement that makes the navigation more natural, and we have a dedicated TCastle2DNavigation class (descendant of TCastleExamineNavigation) to make the mouse buttons easiest to discover (just drag with left mouse button). You can assign the TCastle2DNavigation in editor too: just use the “hamburger” menu at the viewport (see the screenshot in this post).

    view3dscene also has now a “2D” navigation button.

  2. We have a new PhysicsRayCast utility, to cast rays using physics engine (Kraft). It is used by examples/platformer/ now.

    Note that it is only a temporary state that we have 2 methods to cast rays: using Kraft (PhysicsRayCast) and not using Kraft (TCastleTransform.RayCast, MyViewport.Items.WorldRayCast — see examples/3d_rendering_processing/collisions demo). In the long run, we want to have a single API to cast rays, and it should always use physics engine, and it should be configurable “what is the current physics engine”.

  3. Subcomponents in the editor (like TCastleTransform.Translation or TCastleScene.RenderOptions) are no longer gray (it was confusing, as one could think “gray means inactive”).

    Thanks go to Andrzej Kilijański for 1-3 above!

  4. A lot of examples have been upgraded to follow latest CGE conventions: DesignUrl, CastleAutoGenerated unit, {$region...} comments and more.

  5. Fixed a fascinating bug with blinking lighting in some cases (see here for details — normal matrix was flipping between 2 different values, due to a determinant of modelview matrix being very very close to zero).

  6. A bug related to using Scene.StopAnimation right after Scene.PlayAnimation was fixed. See details.

  7. Upgraded OpenSSL Windows DLLs to 1.0.2u from 1.0.2n.

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