Use custom code editor (Emacs, Atom, VS Code…) when opening Pascal source from CGE editor

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Custom code editor configuration

A small but important improvement to our CGE editor: Now various commands that open Pascal files can use your custom editor, configured in Preferences -> Code Editor. By default we keep invoking Lazarus but you can now freely change it.

This affects a few editor commands:

  • menu item Edit Unit…,
  • menu item Edit Unit Associated With Open Design (F12),
  • opening newly added unit at New Unit…,
  • opening Pascal file by double-clicking in Files browser,
  • menu item Open Project in Code Editor (previously called Open Project in Lazarus)

Note that it means you don’t even need to install Lazarus and you still have a 100% functional CGE editor integrated with your favorite code editor. For CGE applications using TCastleWindowBase (which is what we advise by default) you don’t need Lazarus or LCL, “bare” FPC installation is enough.

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