Various build tool improvements

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Our build tool got a few minor improvements/fixes lately:

  • Build tool now supports executable_permission attribute to package some additional files with Unix executable bit set. In general useful by applications that have more than 1 executable. Used now by view3dscene manifest so that it packages tovrmlx3d binary with executable permissions.

  • Build tool now warns if you try to use absolute path in search_paths in CastleEngineManifest.xml . This is almost always a mistake, you want to use relative paths.

  • Many updates to CastleEngineManifest.xml docs.

  • Fixes to castle-engine generate-program.

    On Windows, we need to use stricter wildcard matching in CastleFindFiles, so that "*.pas" does not match files like "bla.pas~~~something" (by default, Windows API, used by Pascal FindFirst/FindNext, only looks at 3 first characters of the extension).

  • Various improvements to our Makefile and Jenkins to just rely on the build “all across the board” and not use some shell scripts.

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