TCastleImageTransform – best way now to place image inside a TCastleViewport

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We have a new component TCastleImageTransform, which is now the most advised way to place simple image inside a viewport. This is great for static backgrounds in games, backgrounds that move with player, static pieces of 2D levels etc.

So we now have 2 advised (simple, available in editor, full-featured) ways to handle images:

  1. TCastleImageControl (if you want image be a UI)

  2. TCastleImageTransform (if you want image be inside TCastleViewport, which means it is part of the game world, and it moves along with the rest of the world or with game camera).

New TCastleImageTransform allows to easily e.g.:

  • adjust pivot TCastleImageTransform.Pivot – pivot doesn’t have to be in the center, in can be anywhere, e.g. in any corner of the image, whatever is comfortable in your situation.

  • repeat the image a number of times using TCastleImageTransform.RepeatImage.

  • control the image size by referring to “what size it should pretend to have” instead of only by applying a float scale multiplied by the original size, see TCastleImageTransform.Size.

These features were possible previously too (by using image inside TCastleScene) but now they are more comfortable, exposed as more natural properties.

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