Summary of 2nd Open Meeting for CGE Users and Developers, and announcing the 3rd meeting – September 17th

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Open Meeting - Michalis presentation
Open Meeting - Andrzej presentation

Thank you all for joining on today’s 2nd open meeting!

I am immediately announcing our next meeting, on September 17th. Click here to register on Discord, add it to your calendar etc.

Summary of today’s meeting:

  1. Summary of new/upcoming features:

    1. I talked about new camera/navigation features. On new-cameras branch, very very close to being finished + merged to master 🙂

    2. Andrzej Kilijański talked about new physics features. On physics branch, likewise very close to being finished 🙂

    3. I showed engine on macOS, a recent new feature.

  2. I talked a bit about future:

    1. Stuff from from 2022 plans remains in place. We did some planned things, remaining: modifying materials, new examples/fps_game/, Steam, nodes optimization.

    2. I am doing lots of thinking about our “message to new users”. It comes down to better communication how we’re equal/competitive to other engines (cross-platform, editor, powerful OOP API), but also how we’re special (glTF, X3D, native Pascal) and what advantages come from it. I plan to reorganize our webpage to communicate this.

    3. Easy installers. Snapcraft on Linux. Package with bundled FPC and Lazarus (with Lazarus preconfigured for single window (anchor docking), dark theme).

    4. Automation. We want to provide ready files that will make your projects build by GitHub Actions and GitLab CI.

  3. We talked about a few things:

    1. Code editor (I talked about how we decided to use Lazarus. Although VS Code is also very appealing — but Lazarus’ code tools for Pascal and debugger win)

    2. Kagamma mentioned: a way to assign events inside castle-editor. I did’t find time to address it, but the short answer is: yes!

    3. WebGL (using FPC WebAssembly) port is anticipated by everyone, including me 🙂

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