view3dscene now available also for macOS and Raspberry Pi

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view3dscene on macOS

You can now download view3dscene builds for macOS (Intel-based macs) and Raspberry Pi. These new platforms are an addition to the existing Linux and Windows builds, that of course remain available too.

view3dscene is a viewer for all 3D and 2D model formats supported by Castle Game Engine, in particular glTF, X3D, VRML, Spine JSON, sprite sheets. It is a useful tool for Castle Game Engine developers (when you double-click on a model in CGE editor we actually open view3dscene), and for anyone else who just wants to view pretty 3D models downloaded from the Internet (test e.g. on glTF files from Sketchfab).

view3dscene snapshots for macOS and Raspberry Pi are automatically rebuild by Jenkins after every commit to view3dscene and Castle Game Engine (that passes a number of automated tests) so they will continue to reflect the very latest features.

macOS notes:

  1. macOS app bundle is not signed (for now). For the first time, you have to run it by clicking with right mouse button, choosing “Open” from the context menu, and then accepting to run an unsigned application. Next time you can run as usual, by just double-clicking on the application.

  2. view3dscene for macOS benefits from latest huge improvements for macOS users in Castle Game Engine. It uses new CGE Cocoa backend (native look, easy build), is packaged to an app bundle etc. Thanks for MacStadium, we now have remote macOS machine available 24/7, for Jenkins and for interactive work, and this allows to build and test view3dscene on macOS forever.

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