Bump mapping – updated documentation, example, defaults, everything is simpler now :)

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Steep parallax bump mapping in Castle Game Engine editor

We’ve made some small updates to how bump mapping (normal maps) work and wrote a nice simple documentation how to use bump mapping in our engine.

  1. Advised reading: bump mapping (normal maps) in Castle Game Engine.

  2. The default bump mapping is now bmBasic, this is much more natural than previous bmSteepParallaxShadowing.

  3. Using the parallax bump mapping is also easier now. Once you place the height map in the alpha channel of the normal map, just set TCastleRenderOptions.BumpMapping to something like bmSteepParallaxShadowing and optionally adjust TCastleRenderOptions.BumpMappingParallaxHeight. See the docs.

  4. Our old bump mapping example was completely reworked, to set up everything in the editor and is now much more straightforward. See examples/viewport_and_scenes/bump_mapping.

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