Using GitLab CI/CD with Castle Game Engine

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GitLab CI

If you host your projects on GitLab, this will be a treat for you: We have done, tested and documented an integration of CGE projects with GitLab CI/CD. In simple words, it means that after each commit and push, GitLab can completely automatically (and for free) build your project (giving you ready packages for Windows and Linux).

We have documented how to use GitLab CI/CD here. It’s really trivial — just add the .gitlab-ci.yml file to your repository, that’s it.

We have an accompanying project on GitLab castle-engine/test-gitlab-ci that shows it in practice.

Note about alternatives:

As you see, I really like continuous integration/delivery. It’s a helpful automation doing a job for you and it’s really easy to set it up in various environments. I’m proud we have documented options to use it with Castle Game Engine.

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