Come to my Castle Game Engine talk at GIC – Poznań, 7-9 October, Poland (option to listen online also available!)

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Game Industry Conference 2022 - Castle Game Engine

I am proud to announce I will give a talk about Castle Game Engine at GIC (Game Industry Conference) in 2 weeks!

The conference is at 7-9th October (Friday-Sunday) in Poznań (Poland). It’s full of talks and events for game developers, from all around the world, in any technology. I attended it 4 times in the past and really advise it, it’s full of good talks (and majority of them are in English, suitable for everyone, anywhere around the world). The conference is, as every year, close to PGA (Poznań Game Arena), a game expo aimed at broader audience interested in games.

Our talk is part of GIC agenda. The detailed timeline does not yet assign the talks to days, but for sure it will between 7-9th October (Friday-Sunday).

If you want to join us, go ahead and buy a ticket to attend in-person (our talk is at Intermediate level, so you need at least Developer Pass). I see that this year, they also offer tickets to watch online – Pay What You Like and support Ukrainian gamedev (the online tickets grant you access to all talks and even business meetings — see the website for details).

See you in Poznań! 🙂

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