Concept art teaser: Huge graphical (and functional) upgrade to our FPS game is coming

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Concept art by Adrianna Matejek for new FPS game demo

Together with artists from our company Cat-astrophe Games we are working now on a big upgrade to “FPS game” example! Please welcome Adrianna Matejek (concept art, 2D, UI) and Alya Vaneskehyan (3D, textures). They will commit lots of things to fps-game-upgrade branch in the upcoming weeks 🙂

Together we have a great plan how to turn this small example into a cool and impressive short 3D game.

Along with graphical upgrades, there will be functional upgrades. The “easy creature AI, as behaviors” will finally be done along with this rework.

Here’s a teaser — first 2 concept arts from Ada!

Note: I uploaded a really high-res version of these concept arts here. You can click on the image and download a full version.

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