Watch tomorrow Castle Game Engine presentation at Embarcadero CodeRage 2022

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Enterprise CodeRage 2022

You’re welcome to watch Michalis presentation tomorrow, December 21, at Embarcadero Enterprise CodeRage 2022.

The topic of the presentation is using Castle Game Engine as a 3D visualization tool that you can add to the existing Delphi applications. As part of it, I also want to show for the first time a new feature, requested a few times by Delphi users — yeah, you guessed it, a CGE control you can put on FMX or VCL form! Of course, the talk will also feature a general overview of the engine capabilities, regardless of how you want to use it.

The hour is 3:00 PM in CST (Central Standard Time (US)).

The event is free, you can register a seat following this link or just watch a live stream on YouTube Embarcadero channel.

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