Summary of 4th open meeting – physics, Pascal LSP, Android on-screen keyboard, near release plans, QuickJS; announcing 5th meeting

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4th Open Meeting
4th Open Meeting
4th Open Meeting

With so much going on around the engine, I barely have time to write it all down in news 🙂

First of all, we had our open meeting on Discord 2 weeks ago. A short summary:

  1. I showed our new physics features. You know, the things merged in that huge merge right before the meeting 🙂

    (Since the open meeting, I have actually merged the 2nd big part of this work: physics joints!)

    The documentation how to use physics is available along with a lot of examples in the engine examples/physics subdirectory.

  2. I showed our Pascal LSP, to provide intelligent code completion in Visual Studio Code and other editors.

  3. I showed other small features:

  4. We showed some things in progress:

  5. I described some plans. I guess the most important — release a new CGE version around Christmas (hey, so it’s really soon! 🙂 ).

    Then release 7.0 in January 2023. Most important things to finish: new materials components, AI behaviors, Steam integration.

  6. Then Coldzer0 gave us a great update about the progress about using Castle Game Engine from JavaScript through QuickJS.

    It exposes a really nice and comfortable JS API. And you can create instances, assign callbacks, and generally have the same power as CGE in Pascal.

    More information about it will come as available. My recommendation: look into scaling the implementation, to account for our 100+ classes and components :), and look into porting e.g. “3D FPS Game” template to JS.

I would like to immediately announce next open meeting: 5th Open Meeting: Spring 2023. Join us March 18th (Saturday), 2023. At the usual hour 15:00 UTC. Go ahead and click on the link to the meeting on Discord, there you can click “I’m interested”, see it in your timezone and add to the calendar.

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