“Lynch” gamejam game release on itch.io, nice example code for footsteps and some creepy game logic

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"Lynch" game
"Lynch" game
"Lynch" game in CGE editor
"Lynch" game in CGE editor
"Lynch" game in CGE editor

“Lynch”, my gamejam game done using Blender and CGE, is now on itch.io — https://cat-astrophe-games.itch.io/lynch. Easy download for Windows and Linux.

The full source code and data are available on GitHub.

I did some cool post-gamejam improvements:

  1. Added sounds: new ambience, footsteps, statue sound.

    The demo code shows my recommended approach to add footsteps sound for 3D walking game, see the TFootstepsBehavior class in GameBehavior unit.

  2. Added 2 water surfaces.

  3. Added some creepy logic for the statues behavior 🙂

    The code of it is again quite nice and you can reuse it for your projects. It is in GameBehavior unit. I will let you figure out on your own what is exactly this “creepy logic” :), just play the game!

  4. Fixed octree creation (the roof was extremely high-poly by accident, at it was causing problems).

    I also added better facility to debug such things in CGE. Octree creation for shapes happens now reliably on load, and you can debug what is taking the most time by using our profiler. Just set Profiler.Enabled := true and look at log.

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