Join our 5th Open Meeting (“Spring 2023”) on Discord this Saturday (March 18)

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"Lynch" game in CGE editor

You know the drill — our quarterly meeting on Discord, open to everyone, is this weekend! Join us and talk about Castle Game Engine 🙂

The meeting will happen at 15:00 (UTC timezone) this Saturday, March 18th, 2023.

Simply join our Discord chat and go to the #open_meeting channel.

You can just visit this link to land in the channel directly. Or use this link to see the event details (click on “…” to see options to add it to your calendar, mark it “I am interested” etc.).


  1. Presentation of new CGE features. We have a lot of stuff from lately done features and I actually hope to add some more before Saturday 🙂

  2. Our plans for the immediate future.

  3. Your turn! Everyone is welcome to take the stage!

    Show what you are working on. Show your project, component, game, anything even loosely related to CGE is OK.

    Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them live.

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