Use Delphinus to install Castle Game Engine in Delphi, also simplified Delphi packages

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Castle Game Engine 3D in Delphi FMX form

We have a new comfortable way to install Castle Game Engine packages and paths in the Delphi IDE: use Delphinus!

Delphinus is an open-source package manager for Delphi. You can point it to an existing CGE installation using “Install from folder” from Delphinus GUI, and in turn it will

  • Install CGE design-time package that provides the TCastleControl component.

  • Add unit paths to Delphi IDE, to make CGE units available in all your projects. No more need to manually add a long list of CGE paths to your Delphi settings (or each project). And upgrading or uninstalling the CGE package using Delphinus will update the Delphi settings accordingly.

The whole process of installation using Delphinus is outlined here.

By the way of doing this, I have also simplified our Delphi packages. The split into 3 packages (base, vcl, fmx) wasn’t really beneficial (since these were design-time only packages anyway, it is OK to put both VCL and FMX variants in one package) and it actually caused problems for Delphinus (see here). So I simplified things: CGE Delphi package is now just literally one package, castle_engine.dpk. See packages/delphi.

Be sure to remove previous CGE packages from Delphi to avoid problems. Use the “Component -> Install Packages…” menu item in Delphi IDE to get a dialog where you can remove the packages. Then install the new castle_engine package (by Delphinus or manually) to get back TCastleControl component, for both VCL and FMX.

BTW, free Delphi Community Edition has been recently updated to version 11.3. If you want to give Delphi a try, now’s a good time 🙂

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