Using Sketchfab API to search and download glTF (to be integrated in Castle Game Engine)

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Knight glTF model from by thanhtp
Cthulhu model from by TooManyDemons
Cthulhu model from by TooManyDemons
Apple model from by tzeshi

This was super-fun and super-quick to develop (thanks to GitHub Copilot) 🙂

I present a sample application that searches Sketchfab and downloads glTF model matching given query string. For extra effect, it even opens the model with view3dscene if it is present on $PATH.

By default it looks for cthutlhu and happily downloads the first result, extracting the ZIP and running view3dscene. From nothing -> Cthulhu 3D model!

Run with some command-line parameter to change the search string, to anything.

The code contains a simple class that downloads from Sketchfab. If you want, you can easily tweak it to download a particular model instead of the first search result. Read the “Usage” description for details.

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