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Visual Studio Code - Pascal code completion
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I’m very happy to announce that my online book Modern Object Pascal Introduction for Programmers was translated into 5 languages as of now:

  1. Bulgarian – thanks to Юлиян Иванов (alpinistbg)

  2. Chinese (WIP) – thanks to 郑 (robsean)

  3. Russian – thanks to Alexander (SpanerRh) and Eugene Loza

  4. Spanish – thanks to Jorge Turiel Fernández

  5. Ukrainian (WIP) – thanks to Vadim Vitomsky (iso4free)

All the translations are now prominently linked from the sidebar at “Modern Object Pascal Introduction for Programmers” and translations page. I also used this sidebar to prominently link to PDF version of the book (nice to print; 107 pages at this moment).

My big thank you! goes to everyone who has contributed to these translations (and to the book contents in general). It’s great to see that this book is useful for so many people. Let’s continue to show the world how Pascal is a productive and modern programming language. If you’d like to improve or propose a translation to a new language, go ahead — it is simplest to just fork the repository and send a pull request.

On this note, I have been updating our page answering “why Pascal” to keep it a good argument why Pascal is a great tool to write your next application in 🙂

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