Register for Pascal Cafe in IJsselstein (Netherlands) on April 6th (Saturday)

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"Escape from the Universe" game - in editor, and running on real phone

I will give a talk about our Castle Game Engine at International Pascal Cafe, on April 6th (Saturday), in ~3 weeks from today. The 1-day event features talks from well-known people in FPC, pas2js and Lazarus ecosystem, including Michael Van Canneyt and Mattias Gaertner, so I’m really excited to join! You’re welcome to register (note that the price is smaller if you register before 1st April).

My talk (~1 hour) will start with general overview of our engine (editor and code) and then we’ll explore more in-depth developing for Android, talking about some mobile/Android-specific features. Here’s a bit more detailed plan:

  1. First part of the presentation will be a quick introduction to the engine. We’ll design a simple 3D world in the engine editor, and write code to perform funny actions when users interact with the world.

  2. Then I’ll show our ability to easily recompile your game to Android. I’ll present a few features interesting from the point of view of mobile development: multi-touch handling, UI scaling, and using services for analytics, vibrations and game achievements.

See you there!

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