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Example application on real iOS
Example application on real iOS

The gist of this post is simple: if you have a mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad) device, go ahead and deploy your application to iOS, using latest engine and following our documentation!

This week we’ve tested building Castle Game Engine applications on iOS with latest macOS 14.4 (Sonoma), with latest Xcode 15.3, on Apple M2 (Aarch64) CPU.

As a result:

  • We did a few small fixes and improvements to the build tool. The iOS applications should again build out-of-the-box from any CGE project.

  • We followed with updates to documentation how to build for iOS.

  • We also retested distributing iOS applications for testing using TestFairy (using one of our iOS services). It’s a third-party commercial service (but free for start), but really valuable in my experience, esp. if you work with only remote mac machine.

  • Moreover making a “debug” build of CGE application on iOS will no longer crash.

    Details: fpcupdeluxe (and maybe other ways of installing FPC?) puts in the default fpc.cfg instructions to activate -Ct (Stack Checking) when DEBUG is defined. For some reason, it crashes on iOS. Our workaround just disables it (passing “-Ct-” on the command-line) as you likely don’t need it anyway.

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