Oculus Quest 2: Developer Mode for Castle Game Engine enabled!

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Our own Oculus Quest 2!

With huge thanks to Rick Lentz, I now have Oculus Quest 2 at my disposal! Which means that we’re absolutely going to port Castle Game Engine, with all games and tools (like view3dscene) to it, as our first VR device.

Don’t ask me yet about the timeline πŸ™‚ I’m after a quick 1 hour fun, and enabling “Developer Mode” and scanning Develop for the Quest Platform documentation just now. For us, the Native Development section is relevant, which means that the device can be like a “very special case of Android” from CGE point of view. Which is of course great for us, it means that all technology is just openly documented and we can utilize our integration with regular Android as a basis.

I know, buying VR device was supposed to be our goal on Patreon when we reach 500 USD / month. Well, Christmas came earlier πŸ™‚ Please support the engine development through Patreon, this is what allows us to spend time on new platforms like this!

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