Big improvements to Android documentation and building

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Black Dragon, one of early Android games done using CGE with Paweł Wojciechowicz from Cat-astrophe Games

If you haven’t yet compiled any application for Android, now is the best time!

  1. First of all, our documentation how to setup Android tools and build your first Android application is now much shorter and easier to follow. It properly documents now:

    • The easiest approach to installing Android SDK. I removed a lot of outdated steps that you don’t have to do.

    • It clearly advises fpcupdeluxe and explains how to use it.

    • It documents using CGE editor to switch platforms, build + install + run on Android.

  2. Android building now works with latest Java 17. No need for downgrading to older Java, because older Gradle wrapper couldn’t handle it.

  3. The default Android target platform is now 31. Previously we targeted platform 29. Due to Google Play requirements we had to upgrade to 30, and we decided to take it one step further to 31. (required by latest androidx.core).

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