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Enjoy new features and a happy New Year! πŸ™‚

(Note: I will not make predictions for next year this time. Because I am hard at work making new Castle Game Engine release, planned for the Christmas that happened last week! πŸ™‚ )

New stuff:

  1. New property TCastleAbstractRootNode.BlendingSort, which you will usually use as MyViewport.Items.BlendingSort, allows to control the blending sorting when multiple scenes may have partially transparent objects.

    The full documentation how to set up blending correctly is here.

    It also supports now new options for sorting 3D objects: bs3DGround, bs3DOrigin. They may be useful in controlling the order better. For blending to work correctly, the engine must be able to decide what TCastleTransform in the front correctly.

  2. You can now control the TCastleSoundSource playing of its main sound using TCastleSoundSource.SoundPlaying property.

    It is documented in manual about sound.

    It is also used by the sample footsteps component, shown in new documentation about behaviors. It is, in turn, used by my “Lynch” game demo — it proved to be very useful.

  3. New property TCastleUserInterface.TooltipControl allows to control how does the tooltip look (and work).

    It is used by new new view3dscene versions with slicker buttons πŸ™‚

Credits: level with trees from CGE #427 by Freedomax, Bronze figurine of Cthulhu from Sketchfab by Jedi2583.

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