Web3D webinar this Tuesday, Steam Deck test, documentation updates, PasVulkan tests

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Unholy Society using CGE running on Steam Deck

This weekend news post will cover a few things 🙂

  1. I will give a talk about X3D, X3D 4, PBR (Physically-based Rendering), and how it connects with glTF 2.0 and Castle Game Engine this Tuesday, 29th March. Head on to the Web3D site to register, the talk is free and open to join for everyone. Plan of the talk is here.

  2. Thanks to Liam Dawe from Gaming On Linux, we have The Unholy Society, developed entirely in Castle Game Engine, running on Steam Deck! See the photo.

  3. I was testing PasVulkan on my Linux system.

    This was in preparation for working on Vulkan renderer for CGE. While we don’t plan to add Vulkan support for CGE in 7.0 release, but it is something I definitely want to start in 2022. So I wanted to test and see how PasVulkan works, and we’ll likely use the Vulkan header from PasVulkan: src/Vulkan.pas.

    I made it work on Linux. If anyone else on Linux wants to try — my PR that adds necessary script for Linux is here. It should of course work on Windows too, out of the box.

  4. Documentation:

    1. Improved (updated various tasks, clearer list) the roadmap page

    2. Added 2 sections to the Coding Conventions:

      1. Fix warnings (let the compiler help you write reliable code),
      2. Backward compatibility is important; having a consistent (easy to learn) API and useful features is even more important.
    3. Improved (simplified, updated) the macOS page.

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