Come to International Pascal Congress (July 3-7, 2023, Salamanca) to listen to my talk and attend Castle Game Engine course

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Castle Game Engine

I’m proud to announce I’ll be part of International Pascal Congress, an event taking place July 3-7 (this year, 2023) in the Salamanca city (Spain).

You can register now (see the registration page for prices)! Note that 1st early registration phase is only up to the 10th April, and registering early costs less.

The program is full of talks and presentations that should be appealing to every Pascal user, coming both from FPC (e.g. Michael Van Canneyt will give a talk “Free Pascal: Past, Present and Future”) and Delphi (e.g. Marco Cantù will give a talk “Delphi’s Object Pascal Evolution”). See the Plenary talks for details.

And of course from yours truly 🙂 I will be:

  1. Making one of keynote lectures titled “Developing games and graphic visualizations in Pascal”.

    This will be an overview of the most important concepts of developing graphic applications, including in particular 3D visualizations and games, and how to do them in practical Pascal applications.

    We will start with an overview of APIs, like OpenGL(ES) and Vulkan, and their most important concepts like shaders.

    We will show how to use these graphic APIs from Pascal, from various Delphi (like Firemonkey 3D) and Lazarus (like TOpenGLControl) components.

    Then we will move to high-level libraries and game engines, like

    Finally I will talk about the important features you should consider when choosing a library (and creating your own): 3D model formats (how and why are formats like glTF and X3D developed), PBR (physically based rendering), mixing 2D and 3D, physics and more.

  2. I will give a course Developing games using Castle Game Engine.

    The course consists of 4 sessions, throughout which I’ll present using CGE to make 3D and 2D games, with physics, user interface, spatial sounds, and even using GitHub Actions.

Read all the information on International Pascal Congress. See you in Salamanca! 🙂

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