Two new articles to learn Castle Game Engine and a fun toy to play: “Bad way to play chess”, aka “3D physics fun”

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Bad Chess - physics acting
Bad Chess - selecting a piece
Bad Chess - editor

I’m proud to publicly show two articles I recently wrote to teach Castle Game Engine!

They assume zero initial knowledge and they show the most important pieces of our engine. As such, I highly recommend reading these articles, whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced developer familiar with the engine. Read them here:

  1. Part 1: Castle Game Engine installation, editor, designing a 3D world, views, testing physics. (PDF version: 22 pages)

  2. Part 2: Coding using Pascal and Castle Game Engine API, behaviors, selection and hover, reusing a design of a 3D object. (PDF version: 33 pages)

The articles guide you through creation of a simple fun application — the titular “bad way to play chess”. If you want to play a ready game, download and install it from here (ready binaries for Linux and Windows). If you want to get the source code, clone the GitHub repository at

All the techniques shown in the article are recommended ways to use the engine, they are proven to be comfortable and flexible for a wide range of games, and we work on keeping them optimal. The article and examples are suitable for both FPC and Delphi developers.

The articles have already been published in the Blaise Pascal Magazine. Also our supporters on Patreon have received an early preview of both articles. If you like our engine and these articles, we really appreciate if you can support us on Patreon!

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