Castle Image Viewer 2.2.0 release, new documentation about KTX and DDS texture formats

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Castle Image Viewer - leaf with alpha

We have recently updated our Castle Image Viewer to version 2.2.0. Castle Image Viewer is an image viewer developed using Castle Game Engine. It supports many image formats, including common formats (PNG, JPG…) but also some exotic formats useful in game development or just general 3D visualization (KTX, DDS, RGBE). It exposes even limited image editing features, again quite tailored to our gamedev needs — it can in particular perform alpha bleeding.

Depending on your needs, you can download and use it as a standalone image viewer, or you can just consider it part of the Castle Game Engine. When you double-click an image in Castle Game Engine editor, it opens the Castle Image Viewer automatically. The viewer is bundled included in engine downloads already.

Notable improvements:

  1. New name Castle Image Viewer instead of previous castle-view-image. Consistent with Castle Model Viewer rename.

  2. Features all recent CGE improvements and new platforms, in particular it is now built also for Raspberry Pi 64-bit.

  3. We have now dedicated documentation pages about KTX (Khronos Texture Format) and DDS (DirectDraw Surface) Image Format.

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