Spread the word about new engine features! Also many other website improvements

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Look at our brand new features page, that describes important engine features with lots of screenshots! The summary of the features is also repeated on the main web page under the downloads.

I have various plans to improve the presentation of it, but at least now I believe we have a solid content 🙂 The page really reflects now the features I want to emphasize — including some things common to various game engines, and some features unique to Castle Game Engine. I hope this is a good promotional material to refer people to, if they want to know “what can Castle Game Engine give them”.

In the last few weeks, I made numerous other improvements to our documentation and website:

  1. Blender page much simplified, talks about glTF (and not about deprecated castle-anim-frames alternative), has new screenshots.

  2. Roadmap updated, because we have done a few things mentioned there! (lights, cameras, MainScene deprecation, RNL demo – done, physics – much in progress).

  3. Text and fonts page updated to describe advised approach to render text and customize font in the engine.

  4. API docs are now more friendly to mobile. I also removed the alternative apidoc-unstable version. We show now one API docs: the docs for the engine version that we recommend to download, which is now “the latest snapshot”. We also link to API docs more consistently now.

  5. Patreon panel at the header, with clearly visible percent to next goal, updated to use current Patreon colors and watermark.

  6. Better youtube URL, https://www.youtube.com/c/CastleGameEngine

  7. Various other documentation updates – better screenshots, reflect that the default shading is now Phong, optimized page loading in many cases etc.

  8. Merged Scene Graph (X3D) section into Documentation. Going forward, at some point I hope to merge it even with API docs.

  9. We no longer link to obsolete Web3D 2015 tutorial (you can still find it on GitHub, but we don’t recommend it anymore).

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