Docs for devs coming from Unity, editor improvements: 2D camera gizmos, per-component warnings

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Reporting warnings
2D camera gizmo

Hey, are you looking to migrate away from Unity to an open-source game engine, that doesn’t charge any royalties for releasing on any platform?

New features this week:

  1. We improved how the camera gizmos for 2D are visualized and work. Now they show the projection near and far as a box, that makes sense both in typical 2D view (orthographic, direction -Z) and 3D (free view, perspective or ortho). Also we fixed rendering and selecting camera gizmos in some cases.

  2. We added a tab with information or warnings specific to a given component to the object inspector panel (on the right).

    It reports now these warnings:

    We had a long-standing plan to warn about some easy mistakes in the editor — this is a start. In the future we want to make these warnings more visible (as icons in the hierarchy, and as per-project “some warnings reported” icon) so you can quickly see if there are any warnings. For now, this is a start: when selecting given component, just look whether the Warnings tab appears.

    Note that we don’t really want to introduce now a lot of new warnings. A warning is only warranted if there’s a reasonably high chance that it’s a user error, not a deliberate setup. Moreover, in general our API design should minimize the possibilities to make such errors, by making invalid state impossible. That being said, no design shields users perfectly from all possible mistakes 🙂 So when we see you likely have an unexpected state (e.g. a rigid body component without a collider is just ignored) we warn about it.

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