Catch me at ITDevCon 2023 in Rome giving 2 presentations about Castle Game Engine

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Lately I feel like a rockstar, traveling all across the Europe, singing about Castle Game Engine in every venue I can find πŸ™‚

Here’s another opportunity to listen about Castle Game Engine and catch me in person: I will give 2 talks about our engine at ITDevCon, Delphi conference in Rome, 26-27th October 2023.

I will give 2 talks, both 1 hour-long:

  1. Creating 3D games and applications using Castle Game Engine — This talk will introduce CGE. I will talk about using editor to design 3D worlds, with physics. Then I will show basic things you can do from Pascal: moving scenes, in response to user pressing some button, key, or clicking.

  2. Advanced Castle Game Engine: forms, 3D generation, shaders, customization — This talk looks at 4 important CGE features:

    1. You can put engine rendering on Delphi FMX form.
    2. You can create and modify X3D nodes using Pascal, to build or modify 3D models — e.g. to display something from external sources (e.g. some machinery state) or to procedurally generate worlds.
    3. Compositing shaders using shader effects — original and powerful way to write shader code in our engine.
    4. Registering custom components in the editor — a gateway to extending what you can do in the CGE editor.

See you there!

If you’re close to Poland, you can also catch me at GIC (Game Industry Conference) next week. No CGE presentation this year as I hope to rest a bit and just listen to lectures. But I’m happy to talk about CGE always! Contact me in any way (you can find me on Discord and forum) to make sure we meet. And you can find my presentation from GIC 2022 linked here πŸ™‚

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