Slides and examples from 2 ITDevCon presentations about Castle Game Engine, more notes about recent developments

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Michalis at ITDevCon 2023
  1. I’m back from Rome, where I made 2 presentations about Castle Game Engine. I think the slides from both talks may be quite useful to everyone:

    1. 1st talk, “Creating 3D games and applications using Castle Game Engine” is a great introduction to using our engine. It describes using editor and basic CGE API, e.g. to move 3D objects, play sounds, push things using physics.

      The example projects may be quite useful to learn as well.

    2. 2nd talk, “Advanced Castle Game Engine: forms, 3D generation, shaders, customization (and more)” was dedicated to a few engine features… that I seldom have time to talk about 🙂

      We covered:

  2. In other development, I recently finished the 2nd part of the article “The bad way to play chess: 3D physics fun using Castle Game Engine” for the Blaise Pascal Magazine. More about it in the future.

  3. I am working (and I’m really close to finish) on Delphi/Linux port. This also brings other improvements (fixes for some mouse event on Windows, code improvements to bring CGE to all Delphi platforms using FireMonkey, dglOpenGL usage for OpenGL which will be also for FPC).

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