Time component

This component describes the time-dependent nodes, that react directly to the time changes. The TimeSensor node defined here simply propagates the time information to other nodes (and, as such, is the basis of almost all VRML/X3D animations).

See also X3D specification of the Time component.

  • TimeSensor (API reference):

    Works completely, following X3D 3.2 spec. Except:

    TODO: We do not gracefully react to enabled := FALSE on active node (see X3D TimeSensor spec "If a set_enabled FALSE event is received while the TimeSensor node is running, the sensor performs the following actions:...").

    In fact, the whole handling of enabled = FALSE is shaky. Some output events will not be generated when not enabled, but it's not a fully spec-compliant implementation.

Note: "Time origin" in our engine follows VRML/X3D standard (time = 0 means "January 1, 1970"), but it can be changed by our extension KambiNavigationInfo.timeOriginAtLoad.