VRML / X3D events and routes implemented

August 15, 2008
Laetitia Sprints by X3D TimeSensor + CoordinateInterpolator

An extremely important feature of VRML / X3D is finally implemented: routes and events mechanism works. This means that you can express animations and interactions within single VRML / X3D file, like envisioned in the specifications.

We have 2 sensor nodes working already (TimeSensor and KeySensor), 7 linear interpolator nodes, and 5 event utilities nodes (including Avalon Logger node, a useful debugger for events). All exposed fields of other nodes also work, obviously. This is all available only in SVN for now. When I get back from vacation (at the end of August) this work will be continued (many other sensors are easy to implement now, and some existing code should be cleaned and optimized) and it will all be released as view3dscene 3.0.

As a demo, see the 6-second movie on the right. It shows animation in X3D done by routing TimeSensor to CoordinateInterpolator to IndexedFaceSet. The model is "Laetitia Sprints" from web3d.org examples.