view3dscene 3.7.0 release: Screen effects, drag sensors, ClipPlane, Billboard, toolbar and much more

November 18, 2010
Screen effect "blood in the eyes": modulate with reddish watery texture Another screen effect example
Demo of three ScreenEffects defined in VRML/X3D, see screen_effects.x3dv Screen effect: headlight, gamma brightness (on DOOM E1M1 level remade for our Castle)
Film grain effect Screen effect: grayscale, negative (on Tremulous ATCS level)
Examine navigation tooltip Billboard demo
Bridge model in engine examples

After 3 months of work, I'm proud to present a new release of our VRML/X3D browser: view3dscene 3.7.0.

Our website and documentation also got a lot of improvements. Most of them were already announced in previous news items, and will not be repeated now. Some new improvements:

  • view3dscene download links, and easy instructions to get GNOME integration and thumbnailer, are now more visible on view3dscene webpage.

  • The pages describing our VRML/X3D implementation status for each X3D component are much improved. Each component page starts with a very short introduction, describing what the component is and how it's used in the most typical cases. Also, the node names are links to actual X3D specification pages.

    The idea behind these improvements is to give interested developers (in particular, the ones not familiar with VRML/X3D yet) a way to orient themselves in the large number of VRML/X3D nodes. We give an easy overview of the component and the links to X3D specification to learn more details.

    And everything is of course interspersed with the details about our engine implementation, it's strength and current limitations.

  • Finally, I added a section about donating and a button to donate through Flattr to a couple pages.

As usual, view3dscene release is accompanied by new engine release (2.2.0) (this is where the magic actually happens :), and new Kambi VRML test suite release (2.9.0) (which contains tests and demos of all the new features).