glplotter 1.2.0 and view3dscene 2.2.1 released

September 6, 2007
  • glplotter 1.2.0 and gen_function 1.0.2 released: glplotter GUI greatly improved: Open/Add menu items to open graphs from files and to generate graphs from function expressions. This means that now you don't have to specify graphs at command-line, and now you don't have to write pipes with gen_function. Also documentation and some options translated finally to English.
  • view3dscene 2.2.1 released: bug fix release. Fixed crash when removing geometry node from VRML 2.0 hierarchy. Fixed jagged animation when world time was really large (usually occurs when "on display" time pass was really large for some time). Fixed messing the gravity "up" vector when reopening the scene.
  • Kambi VRML game engine 1.1.1 released: changes needed by view3dscene and glplotter above.
  • RSS feed listing all changes is available now. SouceForge already made RSS feeds for our project, but they didn't allow me HTML code there, and HTML links are simply useful for my news messages.