view3dscene 3.4 release - advanced texturing

August 26, 2009
Shadow maps
Water reflections by optimized GeneratedCubeMapTexture
Teapot with cube map reflections

view3dscene 3.4 is released! The codename of this release should be "Everything you wanted to know about textures", as most of the new features deal with X3D advanced texturing nodes.

  • When using single texturing, you can set environment mode to replace (default is modulate).

  • KambiScript functions to operate on string characters: "character_from_code", overloaded "array_set", "array_get", "array_get_count", "array_set_count" for strings.

  • As usual, along with view3dscene release, we also release accompanying Kambi VRML engine (version 1.8.0) for developers. Released binaries are compiled with FPC 2.2.4, sources can also be compiled with FPC from trunk (tested on 2009-08-21). I also provide binaries for Linux/x86_64 (not only 32-bit Linux/i386), as I see a demand for it.