Development news: Engine 2.4.4 fixes release, ColorSetInterpolator

April 21, 2011
vrml_browser - our engine Lazarus example, simple 3D model browser in Lazarus.
vrml_with_2d_controls - our engine Lazarus example, 3D scene with our 2D controls in OpenGL context.
PointSet, with coordinates and colors animated (the latter by our ColorSetInterpolator). From Jens van Schelve from

In the last weeks, we have made a couple of small bugfix releases of our engine for developers. Only minimal bugfixes and small improvements:

  • Engine 2.4.2: Fixes the kambi_glwindow package compilation with Lazarus 0.9.30 (correct include path). Default TWalkCamera.GravityUp is now set to +Y (previously was zero, causing errors with cameras that weren't initialized by TWalkCamera.Init).
  • Engine 2.4.3: Fixes the compilation of all examples with Lazarus 0.9.30. This will be checked more automatically for next releases, so Lazarus compilation problems should not occur again. Also fixes the key problems with Lazarus component (not always having initial focus, not always knowing the correct shift/alt/ctrl state).
  • Engine 2.4.4: TGLMenu improvements (Items, OnClick, some other useful stuff available and published). See examples/lazarus/vrml_with_2d_controls for demo.

Of course, in the meantime work continues on finishing the engine 2.5.0 with pure shader rendering pipeline :) See news post from last month for details.

Also, we added a ColorSetInterpolator extension to animate MFColor (set of colors) fields.