Release: view3dscene 3.5.0, engine 2.0.0, others

March 30, 2010
Animating along the NURBS curve (NurbsPositionInterpolator and NurbsOrientationInterpolator) Animating along the NURBS surface (NurbsSurfaceInterpolator)
multiple_viewports: interactive scene, with shadows and mirror Terrain - valley view with a hint of fog

Today we release a grand new 2.0.0 version of the Kambi VRML game engine and a new version 3.5.0 of our main tool, view3dscene. Other minor programs here are also updated, to bring bugfixes to them. Changes:

User-visible features:

  • NURBS support. Most of the X3D NURBS component (level 1) is implemented, this includes curves, surfaces and interpolators. VRML 97 NURBS nodes are also handled.
  • Major bugfixes to the GTK 2 (Unix) backend and shadow maps handling.
  • Countless small bugfixes and improvements.

Programmer-visible engine features:

  • Scene manager (TKamSceneManager), a manager of the 3D world.
  • Custom viewports (TKamViewport) easily usable with our scene manager.
  • 2D controls framework: TKamGLButton, TKamGLImage, better TGLMenu and more. Viewports are also 2D controls.
  • Engine sources reorganized into more intuitive src/, examples/ etc. directories.
  • Much more components registered on the Lazarus palette. (This will be extended in next releases.)
  • Engine is licensed now on the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (with "static linking exception").

For more details about the changes, see the news archive.

For people waiting for new castle 1.0.0 release: not yet, but should happen very soon.