Development news - NURBS basics

September 5, 2009
Lantern composed from NURBS patches (from examples)

Basic support for X3D NURBS is implemented. NurbsPatchSurface and NurbsCurve nodes are handled following X3D specification.

As a background info: the core of our NURBS implementation (nurbs unit) is adapted from the White_dune source code. (Licensed on GPL >= 2, just like our engine, so no problem here.)

For the next engine release, this NURBS support will be extended. I would like to cover X3D NURBS component up to level 2 and also implement most important VRML 97 NURBS nodes for compatibility (they are similar but a little incompatible to X3D ones).

For now, you can try the new features by using the nightly builds of view3dscene.