view3dscene 3.3, engine 1.7 release: LOD, Collision.proxy, and more

January 3, 2009

view3dscene 3.3 is released, just a mixture of various new features, optimizations and fixes. Traditionally, underlying Kambi VRML game engine 1.7.0 is released along. Changes:

Apple model with various levels of detail
  • LOD (level-of-detail) node proper handling.
  • Collision.proxy handling (very handy, allows you to make non-collidable but visible geometry, or approximate complex geometry with simpler for collision detection).
  • KambiOctreeProperties, an extensions to specify octree limits for your scene. Section "Octrees for dynamic worlds" added to the documentation, to explain how octree works since 1.6.0 version. The shape octree was speed up by mailboxes.
  • Various workarounds for Mesa bugs (in particular on Intel GPUs) and Mesa detection improved. This should significantly improve stability for Unix users with cheaper graphic cards. Because of this, also castle 0.8.3 and glcaps 1.1.4 are released, to get these fixes too.
  • Various frustum culling optimizations.
  • Small improvements in the view3dscene interface: blend status text, a shapes count fix, and keeping the selected triangle when transforming shape.
  • The path tracer honors VRML >= 2.0 materials, and VRML >= 2.0 materials have the physical fields. Because of this, also rayhunter 1.3.0 is released.

Arch Linux users may now install view3dscene from SVN easily by view3dscene Arch Linux package. Thanks to Antonio Bonifati!