Cloth animation with bump mapping

February 26, 2010

To sweeten the wait for engine 2.0.0 (and castle 1.0.0) releases: here's a short demo movie with a cloth animation (cloth simulated and animated in Blender) rendered using our engine with bump mapping. The point here is that both 3D meshes and lights may be animated in real-time and bump mapping works perfectly.

This was always possible, but some recent improvements made this much easier. Namely:

  1. Our examples/vrml/bump_mapping demo now works with animated objects without any trouble.
  2. Our examples/vrml/tools/kanim_to_interpolators is now slightly more general converter from KAnim format to VRML/X3D. This means it's possible to make "normal" animated VRML/X3D models by exporting from Blender to kanim, then converting kanim to VRML/X3D. Convertion kanim->VRML/X3D is totally lossless, so the whole setup works quite flawlessly — at least for this simple cloth demo.

The source model is in SVN, in kambi_vrml_test_suite/bump_mapping/cloth/. You can open it with the bump_mapping example (from our engine sources) or view3dscene.