Donate to Castle Game Engine

We are making an open-source game engine, 3D and 2D, with comfortable visual editor and a powerful API.

The main goal of donations is simply to cover the cost of people, so that they can work on the engine full-time, which in turn just translates to more features, faster. Right now we have 1/2 developer on a payroll (Andrzej KilijaƄski, paid from Michalis Kamburelis own pocket) and hiring him was a great decision — having Andrzej made a big difference, the engine progress in recent years owes much to his work. Imagine we can have 10x of that :)

Whatever option to donate you choose — thank you!

The suggested method of donating is to support us on Patreon.
It is totally OK to just donate and delete your pledge right afterwards.

Donate using PayPal.
You can pay directly using your credit card, or use a PayPal account.

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